Species at Risk 2016 – Results

Engagement Summary

Between October 19 and November 30, 2016, we heard from British Columbians about innovative ways to better protect species at risk in B.C. Fruitful discussions occurred about the Principles for the Protection of Species at Risk. We heard your thoughts on how to increase protection of species at risk on private lands. Ideas were also shared about innovative funding options to support activities such as monitoring, research and stewardship programs for species at risk.
The Five-Year Plan for Species at Risk in British Columbia, released in 2014, committed the Province of British Columbia to work together and consult with all levels of government, First Nations, conservation partners, industry and stakeholders to ensure the successful protection of species at risk. Species at risk recovery is a shared responsibility and we all need to cooperate to ensure that we are working towards effective protection and recovery of species at risk in British Columbia.
Read the Summary of the 2016 Species at Risk Engagement.


 The online discussion was open October 19 and November 30, 2016.

Input Received:
  • Sites visits – 4,394
  • Total comments – 461
  • Number of user votes places on comments – 1,021
  • Subscribers to email update – 169


Input leads to action:

The Ministry of Environment will use the input received to inform options for new policy and programs in the months and years ahead as part of B.C.’s Five-Year Plan for Species at Risk.
Please visit the BC Species & Ecosystems at Risk website for further information and updates.