Spills Regulation – Results

Engagement Summary

On January 30, 2018, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (the Minister) announced a proposed second phase of regulations to improve preparedness, response and recovery from potential spills.
The first phase of the regulations, approved in October 2017, established a standard of preparedness, response and recovery necessary to protect B.C.’s environment. With some exceptions for B.C. oil and gas regulated entities, the Phase 1 regulations apply to pipelines transporting any quantity of liquid petroleum products, and rail or trucking operations transporting over 10,000 litres of liquid petroleum products.
The public was invited to provide input on the four policy areas online by completing a questionnaire during the consultation process.


February 28 to April 30, 2018

Input Received
  • 42,695 visits to the Spills Regulation engagement site
  • 5,030 completed online questionaires were received
  • 13,671 written submissions were received
  • 18 stakeholder submissions were received


Input leads to action:

All feedback will be summarized into a public ‘What We Heard’ report that will be posted to this site in summer 2018. New spill regulations are anticipated in 2019.