Surrey Langley SkyTrain – Results

Engagement Summary

The Surrey Langley SkyTrain Project will extend the Expo Line 16-kilometres primarily along Fraser Highway from King George SkyTrain Station in Surrey to 203 St. in Langley City Centre. The Project includes new eight stations and three transit exchanges at the 166, 196 and 203 St Stations.

The area south of the Fraser is one of the fastest growing in the region. By the year 2050, the population of Surrey and Langley is projected to increase by 420,000 people and an additional 147,000 new jobs. As the population south of the Fraser continues to grow, so does demand for transit. The Project will improve regional transportation connections and provide fast, frequent, and reliable transit service for people across Metro Vancouver, especially south of the Fraser River. More specifically, the Project will: 

  • Provide sustainable, multi-modal transportation choices to better connect the region
  • Support integrated development that includes safe and accessible active transportation to affordable housing, services, employment, and other destinations
  • Foster healthy communities and the environment
  • Create economic development and job growth
  • Deliver on the 10-Year Vision of the Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation

The Province of BC sought feedback on key elements of the Project, including transit-oriented development, active transportation, and the Environmental Screening Review, to help inform project planning. Participants were encouraged to review the project materials and then provide feedback by completing the online feedback form.

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Engagement Timeframe

May 9 – June 9, 2022

Input Received

The engagement opportunity included a feedback form completed by 1,229 people either online or at two in-person open houses in Surrey and Langey. Results from the feedback form include:

Background and Project Information

• 94% of participants were aware of the project prior to this phase of engagement
• 83% of participants said they were very familiar or somewhat familiar with the Surrey Langley SkyTrain Project

Transit-oriented Development

  • 76% of participants indicated that they were somewhat familiar or very familiar with the term “transit-oriented development”
  • 74% of participants noted they would prefer to or already live in a transit-oriented community

The top five amenities that participants would like to see close to the new SkyTrain stations include:

  • 23%: Retail (grocery stores, supermarkets, chains, clothing stores)
  • 17%: Food (cafés, restaurants)
  • 17%: Education (high schools, colleges, universities, trade programming, libraries)
  • 13%: Civic (plazas, open gathering spaces)
  • 10%: Health and Wellness (medical clinics, hospitals, health practitioners such as physiotherapists)

The top three housing types that participants would like to see around the new SkyTrain stations include:

  • 2-bedroom apartments (30%)
  • 3–4-bedroom apartments (25%)
  • Townhomes (24%)

Active Transportation

  • 76% of participants said they were either very likely or somewhat likely to use modes of active transportation to travel to and from stations

The top three modes of active transportation that respondents said they or their families would be most likely to use to connect to/from the new SkyTrain stations include:

  • Walking (58%)
  • Cycling (28%)
  • Other (7%)

The top three end-of-trip cycling amenities participants would most like to see at the new SkyTrain stations include:

  • secure bicycle parking or storage (83%)
  • bicycle pumps (7%)
  • and other (7%)

Environmental Screening Review

  • 72% of participants said there aren’t any specific environmental mitigations they would like the project to consider

Respondents indicated that they would like trees that must be replaced to be as follows:

  • Local/ native plant species (47%)
  • Climate-resilient plant species (34%)
  • Plant species that are aesthetically-pleasing/ nice to look at (18%)

To read the full Public Engagement Summary Report, please visit: Surrey Langley SkyTrain Project – Resource Library

Input leads to action

We thank everyone who participated online or in-person for their interest in the Project. Feedback will help to inform planning as the Project continues to advance. Stay tuned for future engagement opportunities!