Ministry of Transportation Customer Satisfaction Survey – Results

Engagement Summary

As outlined in its annual Service Plan, the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure is committed to delivering excellent customer service to all British Columbians.  One of the strategies used to evaluate customer service and better understand customer expectations is the ministry’s annual Customer Satisfaction Survey. This survey is based on the Common Measurement Tool (CMT), a survey framework designed by the Institute for Citizen-Centred Service to measure citizen satisfaction.

The customer satisfaction score is based on British Columbians’ ratings of service they received from the ministry. The survey focuses on the six core drivers of customer satisfaction: fairness, staff knowledge, timeliness, accessibility, staff respect and courtesy, and information. It also asks people to rate about 17 services provided by the ministry, including highway maintenance, transportation projects, DriveBC information, Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement, passenger transportation licensing, permits for filming and hosting community events along highways, and applications to subdivide rural projects. Survey respondents include local governments, transportation industry stakeholders, and the general public. The ministry uses the survey results to identify areas and processes to improve service delivery. The constant targets represent the ministry’s ability to consistently deliver high quality customer service.


The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure regularly performs this survey annually. In 2020, the Customer Satisfaction Survey was deferred to 2021, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Input Received:

In 2019, the ministry received more than 7,330 survey responses, including 773 face-to-face interviews performed by district staff.

Input Leads to Action:
Performance Measure2014201520162017201820192020
Target Customer Satisfaction Score (out of 5)
Actual Customer Satisfaction Score (out of 5)

Results of the 2019 survey reveal:

  • The ministry exceeded its target Customer Satisfaction Score target (4.15/5).
  • Nearly 64% of respondents rated that they were either “Satisfied” (4) or “Very Satisfied” (5) with the customer service they experienced in their interaction with the ministry.
  • The ministry is able to answer 62% of phone calls and voicemails within one business day.

Since this survey began, the ministry has heard a lot about what matters regarding transportation, including some key themes about: 

  • Summer and winter maintenance
  • Commercial vehicle safety and enforcement
  • Online services and application processes
  • Highway signage and line markings
  • Highway improvements
  • Traffic management
  • Rest areas
  • Overall condition of the pavement