Zincton All Seasons Resort – Results

Engagement Summary

The Mountain Resorts Branch (MRB) of the Ministry of Forests, Land, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development (FLNRORD) received a draft Formal Proposal and an application for an Interim Agreement from Zincton Farms Limited (Zincton) for the Zincton All-Seasons Resort. 

The Formal Proposal is a conceptual resort development plan that provides project detail including proposed mitigations for high level issues identified during the Expression of Interest (EOI) stage. The proposal includes further details on development concepts, recreational opportunities being offered, servicing options, response to environmental concerns, market and financial capability.  The Interim Agreement is a legal contract between the Province and the proponent which provides a Licence of Occupation to the proponent for the purpose of entering onto the land to conduct studies, investigations and data collection activities, which is necessary for the preparation of the Resort Master Plan and the Master Plan Review Process.

The public engagement period concluded on November 23, 2021, but the project review will continue for several months, including issues resolution with agencies, stakeholders, and First Nations.  Following the review period, the Province will move to a decision on the Formal Proposal   If approved, the Province will enter into an Interim Agreement with the proponent for a term of 5 years and the proponent would be invited to proceed to the Master Plan stage of the Resort proposal process. For more information, including a summary of the resort review process, please visit the Zincton All-Seasons Resort Proposal Webpage.

Engagement Timeframe

October 21, 2021 to November 23, 2021

Input Received

  • Applications, Comments and Reasons for Decision Website: 2,084 responses
  • Regular Mail & Fax: 25 responses

Input Leads to Action

The public feedback received during the engagement period will be used to identify the potential impacts of the Formal Proposal on public interests.  Questions and concerns received from the public, provincial and local government agencies, stakeholders, and First Nations will be collected and shared with the proponent.  As part of an issues resolution process, solutions will be developed to address the potential impacts from the project.  The proposed solutions may require updates to the draft Formal Proposal.  Specific conditions may be included within the legal framework of the Interim Agreement to ensure that issues are adequately addressed. This review and issues resolution process is expected to take many months.  After the Project review is complete, MRB will prepare recommendations for the draft Formal Proposal and Interim Agreement decision.  For future updates please visit Zincton All-Seasons Resort Proposal Webpage