The main goal of the project is to increase efficiency of highway operations at the border crossing location, while mitigating the impact of border crossing activities on the local road system and improving intersection safety at 0 Avenue and 8th Avenue.

The improvements are expected to provide mobility and safety benefits to international travellers and commercial traffic. Most importantly, the upgrades will provide additional capacity at the Aldergrove/Lynden Border Crossing to improve movement of people and goods. Overall economic benefits are provided with an expanded border crossing and the supporting infrastructure.

Key components of the Project include:

  • Widening of Hwy. 13 southbound to accommodate separate NEXUS and commercial vehicle lanes.
  • Widening of Hwy. 13 northbound to accommodate a truck climbing lane.
  • New east-west connection (3B Ave.) and signal.
  • 8th intersection improvements, including signals.
  • New pedestrian and cycling facilities at 0 Ave.
  • Environmental and drainage improvements, including the replacement of a culvert at Perry Homestead Creek with a new 4-lane bridge.