The benefits of the Highway 13 corridor project include:

 Traffic and Queuing Improvements

  • Widening the border approach to three lanes southbound will see border queues significantly reduced.
  • NEXUS traffic will have its own lane beginning just south of 8th Avenue; this will remove approximately 25% of traffic from the general traffic lane.
  • Truck traffic will have its own lane beginning just south of the 264th intersection, removing a further 5% of large slow moving vehicles from the general traffic lane.
  • Border processing times will remain similar, but queues on the roadway will be approximately 40% less due to the additional queuing space.
  • Northbound traffic will have two lanes, allowing traffic to pass slow moving vehicles more easily.
  • A 2.6m flush median will be provided between north and southbound lanes to separate opposing traffic flows.
  • A southbound left turn lane will be provided at 0 Avenue to allow local traffic to bypass the border queue.

3B Avenue (New 264 St. Connection)

  • Because the highway is being widened, the already steep grades and acute angles at the Highway 13/264th intersection make retaining the existing intersection location difficult.
  • Closing the existing intersection and providing a new intersection at 3B Avenue, along with a new connection to 264th Street, will provide a much safer connection to Highway 13.
  • A new turn around will be provided at the north end of 264th Street and a new local road will be provided to access properties north of the turn around.

Improvements at 0 Avenue

  • A new pedestrian and cyclist path will be provided on 0 Avenue with marked crosswalks on Highway 13 to better enhance east-west connectivity.
  • A new left turn lane will be provided for southbound vehicles to bypass border traffic.
  • Trucks will divert around the west side of the Duty Free.

Environmental and Drainage Improvements

  • Perry Homestead Creek and riparian habitat to 15 m of its high-water mark are designated Critical Habitat for Salish Sucker (Catostomus sp.) Measures to mitigate impacts include a new clear span bridge crossing to replace the existing undersized culvert.