The Highway 13 corridor is critical to providing access to one of four Canada/USA Border Crossings in the Lower Mainland. As local development in the area continues to grow, along with growth in cross-border activity, there is a need for additional capacity at the border crossing.

In the summer months, approximately 6,000 vehicles use this stretch of Highway 13 every day. As the traffic demand continues to grow, and the use of this Canada/ USA border crossing continues to grow, the capacity needs to be increased.  The highway upgrades will provide additional capacity at the Aldergrove/Lynden border crossing to improve movement of people and goods, and to increase tourism and trade.

The highway widening project will reduce traffic queues at the border crossing, with the new NEXUS lane removing approximately 25% of traffic and the commercial truck lane removing a further 5% of traffic from the general purpose lane.

  • The upgrades are expected to provide safety and efficiency benefits to local traffic, international travellers, and commercial vehicles. The upgrades will ease traffic queues by providing more capacity at this busy border crossing, which will help boost tourism and trade.