Joy MacPhail

Joy MacPhail is currently the Chair of the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia and is an owner of OUTtv, the world’s longest airing LGBTQ+ television network. Joy served as an elected member of British Columbia’s Legislative Assembly representing Vancouver-Hastings from 1991 to 2005. During this time she served in a variety of roles, including Minister of Health, Minister of Finance, Deputy Premier and Leader of the Opposition. She is an experienced board member having served on several boards, including Delta Hotels Ltd., Silverbirch Hotels and Resorts Ltd. and the B.C. Cancer Foundation. She is currently Chair of the Board of Trustees of Adler University, a graduate school with campuses in Vancouver and Chicago, and is a director of Covenant House Vancouver.

Joy’s perspective on housing supply and affordability:

I have learned throughout my adult life that access to affordable housing is the foundation upon which the path to equality is built.

The reverse is also true…. a crisis in the affordable housing supply exacerbates inequality. We are in such a crisis now in many communities in BC.

Working people have to commute for many hours each week to get from housing they can afford to their job at the expense of family responsibilities. Young families cannot live in the same city as parents and grandparents because it costs too much to rent or buy accommodation that meets their needs. Employers can’t hire into well paying jobs because there is no affordable housing in the neighborhoods close to the workplace.

When the Federal and BC ministers of Finance asked me to chair the Expert Panel on the Future of Housing Supply and Affordability, I was honored – and hopeful. I knew that much had already been examined and researched about Canadian housing but that there was a glaring gap in attempts to resolve the housing supply for the “Missing Middle”. Not anymore. That’s our job now.

We’ll do as much investigation as it takes to come up with recommendations to alleviate the housing crisis for middle income earners and their families. I have already learned that helping solve the housing supply for one underserved group in society is sure to have a positive effect on other shortages such as those affecting seniors and vulnerable people.

We’re already hard at work and will continue to do so until our job is done!