How It Works

The public engagement on electoral reform closed Feb. 28, 2018. Now, the B.C. government’s Citizen Engagement team is coordinating the analysis of the questionnaire results and a summary of the input gathered during the engagement.

Results of the public engagement will inform a report by the Attorney General with recommendations for the referendum. The report will be posted publicly on this website before being presented to Cabinet.

The regulations will be completed after final direction is received from Cabinet later this spring and will contain detailed rules for the referendum. The Attorney General will then announce details of the referendum, including the referendum date, campaign rules and ballot question(s).

The referendum will be conducted in fall 2018 through a mail-out ballot and must take place by Nov. 30, 2018. Results are binding at 50%+1 of the vote provincewide.

If a new voting system is approved, legislation will be introduced in time for any provincial election held after July 1, 2021.