This is an ongoing engagement.

Gathering public input helps inform policy and government’s direction. The reason we are asking for your ideas and expertise is to be as open and inclusive as possible with the life cycle of government records. These are British Columbia’s records, and we want you to have a say in how they are managed.

Information schedules are determined separately for different types of government records. To make sure the public has a say in determining how long records should be kept and when they should be destroyed or archived, comments on various information schedules will be open on an ongoing basis on this engagement site.

Be part of the conversation.

How long do you want to see records kept? When should they be destroyed? Which records should be archived after the term of their business use? Leave your comments on final dispositions and recommended retentions, or you can report a typo in a government record.

Thank you for helping us improve how information schedules are determined. Together, we can ensure the timelines of British Columbia’s records are managed responsibly.