Welcome to the George Massey Crossing engagement website.

The ministry is working closely with the newly-formed Metro Vancouver Mayors’ Task Force, Indigenous groups, TransLink, local municipalities and other stakeholders to develop and evaluate crossing options. The target completion for this phase of work is the end of November 2019.

Between January and April 2019, our work focused on developing consensus on Principles, Goals and Objectives for the project.

In June 2019, a preliminary Long-List of Options was developed as a result  of engagement to date and an Evaluation Framework that reflects the principles, goals and objectives, to assist in assessing options and selecting a preferred option. A technical engineering services contract was awarded to COWI North America to provide support.

In July 2019, the Mayors’ Task Force endorsed a short list of six options, based on the ministry project team’s high-level assessment of the long-list of options. The short-list focuses on addressing significant off-peak congestion, managing peak congestion, and providing attractive options for transit and active transportation. The short-list is:

  • 6-lane bridge, plus 2 traffic lanes and multi-use path (MUP) in existing tunnel
  • 6-lane bored tunnel, plus 2 traffic lanes and MUP in existing tunnel
  • 6-lane immersed tube tunnel, plus 2 traffic lanes and MUP in existing tunnel
  • 8-lane bridge with MUP
  • 8-lane bored tunnel, plus MUP in existing tunnel
  • 8-lane immersed tube tunnel, plus MUP in new or existing tunnel

Each of the above shortlisted options has technical challenges that may lead to further shortlisting using the approved evaluation framework.

Public consultation is tentatively scheduled to take place in fall 2019.

Additionally, work is underway on immediate safety and reliability improvements to the tunnel and the approaches.