Steveston Interchange Project

The Steveston Interchange Project involves replacement of the existing two-lane overpass structure at Steveston Highway and Highway 99 to accommodate two eastbound lanes and three westbound lanes (including a left turn lane), as well as improved connections to and from the overpass for vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

A request for qualifications (RFQ) for the Steveston Interchange Project was issued on Tuesday, June 22, 2021, with a request for proposals planned for early fall 2021. With a successful contract award, construction is planned to begin in 2022 and be completed in 2025. The RFQ is live on BC Bid

More information on the procurement process can be found in the document library.

Figure 1: Steveston Highway Interchange

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Transit & Cycling Projects

The Transit & Cycling project consists of three separate components detailed below:

  • Improvement 1 – Bridgeport Road Bus Connection: Redirection of the southbound bus services from Sea Island Way to Bridgeport Road, provision of a transit-only connection southbound to the on-ramp to Highway 99 and improved cycling and pedestrian connections.
  • Improvement 2 – Highway 99 and 17A Off-Ramp Widening: Extension and widening the northbound Highway 99 off-ramp approach to the Highway 17A intersection, upgraded George Massey Tunnel bike shuttle stop and improvements to cycling facilities in and around the interchange.
  • Improvement 3 – Bus-on-shoulder transit lanes on Highway 99: Extension of bus-on-shoulder facilities south of Highway 17A in both the northbound and southbound directions.

The tenders for the Transit & Cycling improvements have been released as two contracts on the BC Bid website. The Bridgeport Road and Highway 99 and 17A will be one contract and the bus-on-shoulder on Highway 99 will be the other. We anticipate completing the procurement process by summer 2021 with construction starting in fall 2021 and being completed in 2023.

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Figure 2: Highway 99 & 17A Offramp

Figure 3: Highway 99 Bus-on-Shoulder

Figure 4: Bridgeport Road Transit Ramp