This is a collection of B.C. Government news releases related to the George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project:

George Massey crossing technical review underway
B.C. Newsroom – November 1, 2017

Government to conduct independent review to find best solution for George Massey Corridor
B.C. Newsroom – September 6, 2017

George Massey Tunnel replacement construction officially underway
B.C. Newsroom – April 5, 2017

Massey project receives ALC approval; net increase in farmland expected
B.C. Newsroom – March 2, 2017

George Massey Tunnel Replacement project granted Environmental Assessment approval
B.C. Newsroom – February 9, 2017

Massey replacement preliminary works go to tender
B.C. Newsroom – January 12, 2017

New bridge will address first responders’ concerns about Massey Tunnel
B.C. Newsroom – November 16, 2016

George Massey Tunnel replacement procurement reaches RFP stage
B.C. Newsroom – October 4, 2016

Consultation confirms support for Massey replacement
B.C. Newsroom – March 30, 2016

Massey replacement to benefit commuters, safety and environment
B.C. Newsroom – December 16, 2015

Fact Sheet – Project Overview
Fact Sheet – Why a Bridge

Massey Tunnel off-ramp upgraded, project office open
B.C. Newsroom – January 16, 2014

B.C. moves forward with bridge to replace Massey Tunnel
B.C. Newsroom – September 20, 2013

Phase 2 consultation on Massey Tunnel underway next week
B.C. Newsroom – March 6, 2013

Massey Tunnel replacement consultations begin
B.C. Newsroom – November 21, 2012