Report Highlights – click here for the full Independent Technical Review Report

  • The Independent Technical Review looked at the original project goals and proposed solution, and the engagement and technical work done to date.
  • As part of the review, additional specialized work was completed regarding traffic analysis, and safety, seismic and congestion issues.
  • The review concluded there are other options that will reduce scale, complexity and cost of a new crossing, and better align with regional planning including transit.


Next Steps

Community Engagement

  • From January until Spring 2019, the ministry will be collaborating with municipalities and local First Nations specifically to determine new goals, objectives and criteria for the George Massey Crossing.
  • There will be future opportunities for public engagement as well, and ongoing engagement with communities and First Nations throughout the rest of the process.


Options Analysis

  • Once new goals and objectives have been established, additional engineering work will be undertaken on options for relieving congestion at the crossing that are better aligned with regional plans.
  • The detailed technical analysis of these options is expected to be completed by fall 2020.


Safety and Reliability Improvements

  • A suite of needed upgrades will be undertaken from 2019 through 2020 and will cost an estimated $40 million:
    • Converting tunnel and roadway lighting to the new LED standard and washing the interior more frequently will increase visibility for drivers;
    • grading the alarm, pumping, ventilation, fire door and electrical systems to meet current standards and ensure reliability;
    • Resurfacing Highway 99 between Steveston Highway and the Highway 17 Interchange, including better lane markings and more reflective signs to improve safety; and,
    • Improving tunnel drainage to reduce the risk to drivers from pooling water and ice at tunnel entrances.