Corridor Improvements

The Province, in collaboration with key municipal, regional and participating Indigenous groups, will begin work this fall on Corridor Improvements as a preliminary solution to help alleviate congestion along Highway 99 while planning for a new crossing continues.

The Province has now submitted its Application for an Amendment to the Environmental Assessment Office (EAO). The full application and amendment can be found on the EAO’s website located here: GMTRP EAC Amendment Application FINAL

New Crossing

Through technical analysis and working closely with Indigenous groups, Metro Vancouver, TransLink, municipalities and key stakeholders, the ministry shortlisted two viable options for a future crossing: an immersed tube tunnel or long-span bridge. Government has completed it’s review of the business case and is continuing discussions with our federal partners on cost-sharing options for this project. Details on a new crossing option will be annouced  when those discussions have concluded.

The project teams for the George Massey Program will continue working closely with Indigenous Groups, Metro Vancouver, TransLink, municipalities, and key stakeholders as the project progresses.

More details are available in the document library.

Engagement to Date

The Ministry recently completed the early engagement process for an amendment to Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) # T17-01 on the George Massey Crossing Project. Feedback and comments on the proposed amendment were completed as of April 24, 2021 and the application has been submitted to the EAO.

The Ministry held public information sessions in February 2020 to share the results of analysis to date and seek feedback on shortlisted options as well as planning for Corridor improvements along Highway 99.

Safety and Reliability Improvements

The Safety Improvements Project required a $40 million investment and is substantially completed. It includes the following work:

  • Resurfacing and line painting on Highway 99 between Steveston Highway and the Highway 17 Interchange.
    • Completed in November 2019
  • Converting tunnel and roadway lighting to the LED standard to increase visibility for drivers.
    • Completed March 2021.
  • Improving tunnel portal sub-drainage to reduce the risk to drivers from pooling water and ice at tunnel entrances.
    • South portal sub-drainage improvement work was completed in October 2020
    • North portal sub-drainage improvement work was completed