The benefits of the Mt. Lehman 4-laning project include:
 Traffic and Safety Improvements

  • Additional lanes to improve traffic flow and accommodate future developments and traffic growth.
  • Reduce delay at the Simpson Road intersection with dedicated southbound left turn lane.
  • Reduce delay and improve traffic flow and safety at the Marshall Road intersection with new traffic signals and left-turn lanes.
  • New roadway lighting on Mt Lehman Road.

Driveway and Access Management

  • Closure of existing Mt. Lehman Road / Peardonville Road intersection and Marshall Road Extension.
  • Driveway improvements to improve safety.

Pedestrian and Cycling Improvements

  • New sidewalks and on-road bike lanes from Simpson Road to Abbotsford Airport.
  • Shoulder bike lane on realigned Marshall Road Extension.
  • New roadway lighting on Mt. Lehman Road.
  • Reinstatement of impacted bus stops.

Drainage and Environmental Improvements

  • New curb and gutter, catch basins and storm sewer on Mt. Lehman Road.
  • Replacement and upgrade of 3 culvert crossings at Mt. Lehman Road and Marshall Road Extension.
  • Culvert design to promote fish passage.
  • Planted boulevard along Mt. Lehman Road.
  • Revegetation planting in the riparian area of Fishtrap Creek.