Discussion 6 – Considerations for Lake Country

What important considerations do you see for the concepts being explored for Lake Country and Duck Lake I.R. No. 7 and for Crystal Waters to Coldstream?

32 responses to “Discussion 6 – Considerations for Lake Country

  1. Dan

    Intersection of Beaver Lake/Highway 97/Glenmore is too congested, unsafe, too steep and not a sufficient alternative route enabler for Highway 97 when there are accidents or other closures. All this is the situation before the area explodes with growth. We need an interchange now.

  2. Marvin

    I would like to comment on the Ellison Lake to Lodge Road Lake Country corridor. I am a resident of the immediate area. This is what I think would work:
    1) Locate a full interchange at Harwood Rd (not Janet) that would link up to Main street. Straighten Glenmore Rd at Shanks Rd so the Glenmore Rd traffic flows onto Harwood Rd and on to the Highway interchange.
    2) Extend Reed Rd south from Dick Rd to Glenmore Rd. Extend Chase Rd south from Dick Rd to Okanagan Centre Rd W. Straighten Okanagan Centre Rd W so it merges with Glenmore Rd at the new intersection of Reed Rd and Glenmore Rd. This realignment of Lake Country roads will box in the existing gravel pit and allow it to redevelop into a light industrial park with good highway access via the interchange above (like the Marshall Business Centre at McCurdy Road in Kelowna). I believe this would fit with Lake Country’s 25 year plan.
    3) Highway 97 is at a high point at Beaver Lake Road. Dig the highway down to pass under Beaver Lake Road, making the Beaver Lake Rd crossing a grade separated overpass crossing with a walkway to permit local non trucking traffic on the west side to continue to be able to cross over to the east side for shopping.
    4) If it is really necessary to make Glenmore Rd a full blown bypass into Kelowna, the Commonwealth Rd interchange options should be pushed further south to go in front of The Jammery restaurant. The connector road running west from Highway 97 to Glenmore Rd would minimize the use of Agricultural Land by running west through one side of The Jammery property (which no longer is used for agriculture) and follow the power line along the foot of the un-named hill along the Kelowna / Lake country border (land which may be designated ALR but has no value as such). Off highway access to The Jammery would be solved.
    5) No service roads are needed along on the west side of Highway 97 from Harwood Rd south to The Jammery. All of the farm properties from Harwood Rd south to The Jammery have access from Shanks Rd. A service road for these agricultural properties is an unnecessary cost and a waste of agricultural land.
    6) A service road would be needed along the east side of Highway 97 from Main Street south to Parkinson Dr (at Turtle Lodges Resort), linked to Highway 97 at the interchanges at Harwood Rd (#1 above) and The Jammery (#4 above). This service road is shown 1c in the Ministries Planning study.

  3. Melanie

    Glenmore/Hwy 97 intersection is ridiculous from April/May till Sept. Both Hwy 97 & Glenmore Rd get backed up from Kelowna, but Glenmore is terrible. Big trucks (gravel trucks, semis, etc) are part of the problem, as is the left turn lane onto the Hwy. Short-term solution would be to lengthen the left turn light during peak times, but we need a long-term solution to accommodate the population growth of Lake Country, and the swell of tourists in summer.

  4. Heidi

    The congestion at highway 97 and Glenmore Rd is completely unacceptable. People are waiting over 20 minutes to get to the light and alternate routes add 15—20 minutes to our commute. Please address this ASAP!!!

  5. Trish

    Glenmore/hwy 97 intersection and now highway is getting backed up. This is an ongoing problem that everyone in the community is aware of. There needs to be discussion and actions put in place. With the boom this town has gone thru in the last few years is was inevitable that we would have have traffic issues but 3 years later and nothing being done about i…

  6. Luisa

    Glenmore and Hwy 97 needs to be addressed. Traffic on Glenmore gets backed up and turning left onto Glenmoore is so dangerous as it’s basically a blind turn not being able to see cars driving West. There’s a lot of money being poured into Lake Country via property taxes from sky rocketing housing prices. Let’s fix the infrastructure to keep up with development and population growth.

  7. Nicol

    We have been residents of Winfield for 7 years and have noticed the grow with in the town has been substantial but along with the growth many problem areas have become apparent. My two main points would have to be the road situation, it is difercult to even get into lake country most days with considerable delays at the Glenmore / Hwy97 turn. In previous years this has eased as the summer tourist season can to an end however with the large amount of developments being built in the area this is now a matter of great concern year round. Second the situation with the schools or lack there of need to be addressed now, not once all the new family’s have moved into the area.

  8. Denise

    Traffic is too congested for this small town. Glenmore road is the worst for daily work commute. Lake Country/Winfield has grown too fast for council to keep up on the demands placed upon it. I’m considering selling after a year living here and going back into Kelowna. If I’m going to be held up by traffic then I may as well live in Kelowna.

  9. Richard

    The growth in Lake country is outdistancing the ability of the mumidpality to keep up with the traffic on hwy 97, the intersection at glenmore trail is backed up for a kilometre for regular hour and longer for rush hours.

  10. Robert

    The intersection at HWY 97 and Glenmore is requiring an update immediately. Our ever growing community has out grown this vitle price of info structure and the resulting congestion is outrageous. I would like you to consider expanding the intersection with 2 left turn lanes onto HWY 97 from Glenmore. a straight ahead lane, and a right hand turn lane on to HWY 97. Glenmor also requires 2 lanes in both directions plus an HOV lane to handle the ever growing population in this area.

  11. Patrick

    There must be significant alteration to the lead up from Glenmore Road to the Hwy 97 interchange – the traffic congestion has become dangerous and beyond the capability of the existing road and intersection, meanwhile 100’s of new homes are being built around this interchange so the congestion will only grow worse and worse. Additionally, commercial trucks have increasingly begun using this artery to by pass other traffic congestion further south on Hwy 97 (like Reid’s corner) which is adding to the congestion and frustration of residents.

  12. Rose

    Please consider extensive improvement to intersection of hwy 97 and Glenmore rd. This area is becoming more congested, hence dangerous, with every passing year. Also, the way Shanks rd comes off of Glenmore rd is extremely dangerous as it pretty much and unmarked intersection. I’ve very nearly been t-boned there twice as people leave Glenmore where it curves site acutely at the same spot in runs straight on to Shanks rd.

  13. Teresa

    Glenmore and hwy 97 intersection in lake country …backed up all the time need to figure out a new exit onto hwy 97 or ……..

  14. Genna

    The junction at Hwy 97 and Glenmore road needs to be addressed. We need two full lanes and a sidewalk coming down the hill into town. Take out that waste of money meridian and make the straight through lane a choice from the top of the hill and put an actual sidewalk there. Change the corner at shanks to one with a light or a stop sign or SOMETHING to separate the traffic coming up to that corner.

  15. Michelle

    Alternate route. Glenmore rd and Hwy 97 intersection is very frustrating. Too much heavy, commercial trucks. I live here and it takes me 20 mins to get from my house to the local syores

  16. Steve

    Even if the time for the light sequence leaving glen more was extended it would ease the congestion somewhat.Regardless of what you do,the bottleneck would just be moved elsewhere.A flyover would be a simple solution over 97.

  17. Megan

    I see 3 very important concepts in Lake Country that need support from the provincial government. 1. The Glenmore/Hwy 97 intersection. This intersection has gotten worse and worse over the past 3-4 years. We live ooff of Okanagan Centre Rd. West. To turn left onto Glenmore is very difficult at certain times of the day. Sometimes we don’t even bother trying and go over Tyndall Rd or through Ok Centre just to bypass the hassle. It’s also dangerous when waiting in line for the light. People get very impatient, drive in the ditch, or pass on the right hand side or drive up on the “sidewalk” in order to get through. Myself and my husband were rear ended in 2015 and our car was written off while waiting for the traffic to move, due to an impatient driver. We need two lanes there and weight restrictions on vehicles that drive that road. 2. We need a middle school in our town. 3. We need a Urgent care/Primary Care Centre in our town. We are one of the fastest growing communities in BC for the 3rd year in a row. We have some doctors in town but could really use an easy to access, centralized centre where people can access health and wellness services. Nurse practitioners, Ots, Pts, Chiropractors, Social Workers, Counsellors….anything that is preventative and proactive rather than reactive. It would ease pressure on KGH in Kelowna and support the residents of our community, especially those who are elderly or otherwise lack transportation to travel for their healthcare.

  18. Jay

    The intersection of Glenmore and HWY 97 in Lake Country is extremely congested and dangerous. Massive traffic backlogs are causing unsafe conditions and frustration leading to vehicles driving on shoulders. I travel this route daily and have seen numerous close calls with pedestrians and vehicles. It is simply a matter of time before the lack of traffic control supported by the city and sponsored by the gov’t directly causes a fatality. Please take action to reduce the congestion and risk.

  19. Paula

    There have been multiple occasions when the Highway has been closed due to an MVA and there is no way to get out of that line up and around the situations, because the only meet ups withj the highway are at Beaver Lake Road, Sexsmith to the south, or loop all around and end up at Oceola.

    Glenmore Road is being overused by logging trucks (which are overloaded, BTW) gravel trucks, farm vehicles, ALL traffic going to the landfill, commuters both ways, tour buses (which I understand), school buses, truck and trailers, contractors, heavy equipment going to McKinley Landing, a Glenmore Development, and anything else along that corridor. This is to the point that people living along Glenmore, or heaven forbid up Okanagan Centre West or Seaton Road CANNOT access the road. It takes an incredible amount of time to join the traffic and sit idling while we creep toward the highway, all waiting for the turn signal to allow four cars through.

    It’s not working. Nope. Plan B please.

  20. Julie

    Intersection at Glenmore and highway 97 is a pain in the butt. Both Glen,ore Rd. And the highway are ridiculously backed everyday around 430-600pm. Something really needs to be done.

  21. David

    This money eating rail trail should be a rail train for peopleto commute thru our valley.the roads are a joke in Kelowna particularly.

  22. Belinda

    Glenmore Rd, at Okanagan Centre Rd W is a nightmare. Something needs to be done to redirect traffics before people start moving into the 1500 house Development on Tyndall Rd and we’re going to be waiting 1/2 an hour to turn left and get 1km to the lights at highway.

  23. kaitlyn

    The intersection at Beaver Lake Rd/Highway 97/Glenmore is extremely congested. There have been times I’ve waited nearly 20 minutes to get through the intersection and its been backup up nearly a kilometre down glenmore! , We need something!

  24. Leah

    Please make an alternative route for the glenmore to beaver lake Rd intersection the construction is so bad we have to sit in traffic build up there all the way to the city limit sign and takes 20minutes more often then not to get to the stop sign off glenmore. Please do something!

  25. Diane

    The severe traffic backups due to the Glenmore Road/Highway 97 have reached a completely unacceptable level where many days people have to wait 30-45 minute in a 2 km standstill backup just to get through one traffic light. Yet new developments continue to be built along this stretch, further exasperating the problem. A short term solution of widening the first 200 feet from the intersection would help solve the problem of the turning and straight traffic constantly blocking each other (there is room for this as shown by the cars that have been driving on the dirt roadside for years in frustration) and in the long term alternative/additional routes from glenmore to highway 97 need to be developed to help with long term traffic issues. However, Lake Country residents cannot be expected to continue to spend 2-3 hours of their week stuck on one section of road for the next 10-15 years while waiting for a large scale solution. Light timing and road widening need to be actively explored as potential options to provide some short term relief as this problem has continued to increase exponentially every year.

  26. Cailey

    The intersection on highway 97 and glenmore rd is vey unsafe. It can take up to 30 mins to get through one light. It is unsafe for pedestrians and people trying to turn off glenmore rd. Lake country is one of the fastest growing communities. We need a new intersection.

  27. Jami

    The traffic build up at the intersection of Glenmore and hwy 97 is absolutely ABSURD. This community is expanding massively and the infrastructure is terribly delayed.

  28. Jessica

    Please fix the congestion at glenmore road and hwy 97! It’s horrific! Someone is going to end up getting killed if they don’t fix it!

  29. Caroline


  30. Donna

    Beaver Lake Road to Jim Bailey is a nightmare!!!!All the businesses in that area plus mobile home park!And that hill getting to the highway is horrible for truckers!!

  31. Lisa

    The congestion at glen more and hwy 97 is awful. It can take upwards of half an hour I get through the intersection at rush hour

  32. Marvin

    A large cherry packing plant is proposed on farm land right beside the Jammery (south side). My earlier suggestion above for an interchange in front of the Jammery makes even more sense now. But I would now suggest the link to Glenmore Rd run along the base of the large hill, through the bottom of a natural draw, meeting up with Glenmore at Slater Rd. That is where there are a couple of sharp 50 kph turns which is accident prone – I know of 2 rollovers this winter alone.

    So for example if you are going north on Glenmore towards Lake Country, the new linking road would go straight into the natural draw right before the tight turns and curve gently to the right and cross Shanks behind the Jammery, and pass between the Jammery and the proposed cherry plant. The Jammery and plant would be accessed from the new linking road, not the Highway. No agricultural land is taken out other than an acre of Jammery land which is not being farmed anyway.

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