Highway 97 Corridor – Modeling Key Findings

By 2040, both the W.R. Bennett Bridge and the highway on the Kelowna side will be at capacity. A trip along the full length of the corridor (between Peachland and Lake Country) will take almost 15 minutes longer in the AM peak hour and up to 24 minutes longer in the PM peak hour. Almost all signalized intersections within developed areas will have significant congestion.

Even with the implementation of improvements that are already planned, such as widening Highway 97 to six lanes between Highway 33 and Edwards Road, growth in travel demand will lead to increased and extended peak hour congestion. Because only 4% of traffic crossing the W.R. Bennett Bridge comes from or goes outside the Central Okanagan area, almost all of the congestion will continue to be the result of local and regional trips.

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Graph 10 – Traffic Volume Growth 2014 – 2040
Graph 11 – Travel Time (2014 and 2040)