The Future Baseline – Population and Employment

For planning purposes, we are assuming that past population growth trends and patterns in the Central Okanagan will continue, based on reviews of official community plans (OCPs), BC Stats forecasts (which form the basis for the Regional Growth Strategy) and recent growth trends.

Applying this future baseline, the population in 25 years would grow from today’s level of 192,000 to 275,000, and the job ratio would increase from 450 jobs/1,000 population today to 482 jobs/1,000 population.

Over the longer term (40-50 years), according to the Regional Growth Strategy, the population is expected to grow to 325,000.

The strongest employment growth sectors over the next 25 years are expected to be trade and health care. It is expected that commuting to and from work will continue to be a major part of the future transportation demand.

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Graph 9 – Employment by Industry (2013 and 2040)