As the largest concentration of population and employment in the region, Kelowna has a major influence on travel patterns in the Central Okanagan and is the primary destination for those arriving from outside the region.

Over 25,000 vehicles/day enter the Central Okanagan, most destined for Central Okanagan communities. The W.R. Bennett Bridge carries mostly traffic from within the region.  Only about one-third of all vehicles entering the Central Okanagan actually cross the bridge. Nearly half the traffic entering from the south ends up in Peachland, West Kelowna or Westbank first Nation, and more than three-quarters of the traffic from the north goes no further than Kelowna.

See the graph showing Graph 3: Distribution of Trips Originating Outside the Central Okanagan.

See also the Graph 4: All Trips in the Region for information on trips to/from, within and through Kelowna.