Timber Harvesting Land Base

The “timber harvesting land base” is public forest land where timber harvesting is allowed and is economically feasible. The timber harvesting land base comprises 20.3 million hectares, or about 35% of forested areas in B.C. Old-growth forests, based on age alone, comprise about 3.6 million hectares (18%) of the timber harvesting land base.

Old-Growth Harvesting
Every year (based on 2014-2018 data), just over 200,000 hectares of forested lands are harvested. This represents about 1% of the overall timber harvesting land base. Of the annual harvest, about 73% comes from non-old growth stands and about 27% comes from old growth. Regional harvest levels are illustrated in the table below.

Average harvest per year (2014 – 2018). Click to enlarge.