Efforts to identify a solution for the aging Pattullo Bridge have been underway since 2006. TransLink led the Project through the conceptual development and planning phases.
The Pattullo Bridge is a key connection between the communities of Surrey and New Westminster. The new four-lane Pattullo Bridge will provide important improvements for everyone using the bridge, including people who are driving, cycling or walking, as well as communities on either side of the bridge:

  • A safer crossing for all bridge users with modern, wider lanes, separated by a centre median barrier;
  • Dedicated walking and cycling lanes, separated from traffic by a barrier on both sides of the bridge; and
  • Better connections to, from and near the bridge.

The new bridge will improve safety and reliability for drivers, cyclists and walkers, as well as goods movement. It will be designed to meet modern seismic, structural, and roadway design standards.
The new bridge will be located just north and upstream of the existing bridge and will optimize the use of the existing road network and travel patterns. Constructing the bridge next to the existing bridge will allow the existing bridge to continue operating until the new one is open. Once the new bridge is open, the existing bridge will be removed.
The project will also improve connections to regional road networks and cycling and walking paths on either side of the bridge. In Surrey, the bridge will continue to connect directly to King George Boulevard, and a new off ramp will connect the bridge to westbound Highway 17. In addition, Highway 17 will be grade-separated over Old Yale Road.
In New Westminster, the bridge will continue to connect directly to McBride Boulevard and
new direct ramps will connect the bridge to East Columbia Street. These new connections will reduce the reliance on local residential streets to access the bridge.
Construction will begin in 2019 and the new bridge will open in 2023. The Project will cost $1.377 billion and be delivered, funded and owned by the Province of B.C.