Strategically located between the Port Mann and Alex Fraser/Queensborough bridges, the Pattullo Bridge provides a direct connection between New Westminster and Surrey. The central location of the bridge makes it a vital link in the regional transportation network for people, goods and services.

Opened in 1937, the 82-year-old structure does not meet modern design standards and would be at risk in the event of a moderate earthquake or ship collision. Its piers are at risk of being undermined by river scour and many bridge components have surpassed their useful lives. Existing sidewalks, barriers and connections for pedestrians and cyclists do not provide the level of protection from traffic that a newer bridge would provide.

A regular maintenance program has extended the existing bridge’s lifespan but escalating efforts to prolong its use are no longer cost effective. An assessment of maintenance needs has revealed that upgrading the existing bridge to meet modern safety standards would be extremely challenging, both technically and financially.

Replacing the existing bridge is essential for maintaining a critical river crossing for both people and goods between the cities of New Westminster and Surrey.