In fall 2018 the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy introduced in the House the Professional Governance Act (Act). This Act strengthens governance of professionals who work in B.C.’s natural resource (NR) sector and in other sectors.
The Act was developed after the provincial government accepted recommendations #1 and #2 from the independent final report (the report) by Mark Haddock in June 2018. This report followed a comprehensive review of the professional reliance (PR) model in the NR sector.  The report contains 121 recommendations. Recommendations #1and #2 address professional governance, recommendation #3- #34 address improvements to laws, regulations and authorizations, and the remaining 87 recommendations focus on specific regulatory regimes in the natural resource sector.
The Act as intended legislates critical elements of professional reliance governance and strengthens government oversight of the professional associations (regulatory bodies) within scope listed by establishing a statutory Office of the Superintendent of Professional Governance (Office) in the Ministry of Attorney General. This Office will be responsible for administering the Act and for ensuring that best practices for professional governance are implemented.
Government is acting on many of the remainder of the report recommendations as part of its broader goals and mandate commitments for natural resource management, including strengthening results-based laws, building government capacity for compliance and enforcement, modernizing land-use planning, and building true partnerships with Indigenous nations for resource management. Other recommendations will be considered by specific ministries over the coming months.
Government has released an intentions paper and is seeking feedback to help inform the development of future policy and regulations under the Act.

Submit your feedback by March 4, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.

If you have any questions about this project, the report, or the process of engagement for the intention paper please contact