The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy recently completed a review of professional reliance in the natural resource sector to ensure the highest professional, technical and ethical standards are being applied to resource management in British Columbia.

Read the final report for the review, report appendices, and a condensed version of the recommendations. The review considered feedback from a public engagement process conducted December 1, 2017 to January 19, 2018, which received over 2,200 feedback forms from the public, 102 stakeholder submissions, and over 1,800 surveys from qualified professionals, along with findings from a review of current legislation and best practices in other jurisdictions. As well, all BC Indigenous nations were invited to share their experiences, including how their Nation values the use of qualified professionals to inform natural resource decisions related to resource use.  You may read the stakeholder submissions.

The report is very comprehensive and government will need time to review the recommendations. Additional information on government’s next steps will be posted here shortly.

If you have any questions about this project or the report, please contact