There were five components to the professional reliance review including:

  1. Professional Association Audit
    • Assessment of the enabling legislation and performance of professional associations that govern QPs.
  2. PR Appropriateness and Effectiveness Assessment
    • Assessment of 27 NR sector regulatory regimes to determine appropriateness of the use of QPs and whether these regimes follow best practice to protect the public interest.
  3. Engagement
    • Interviews with key government and private sector users of QP information, with professional associations, with stakeholders, and with representatives of the public, focusing on their experiences with PR models in the NRS.
  4. Jurisdictional/Sectoral Scan
    • A jurisdictional and sectoral scan to identify best practices in PR models of other jurisdictions and other sectors.
  5. Report and Recommendations
    • A report with recommendations for the Minister of Environment and Climate
      Change Strategy was released to the public on June 28, 2018.