Below are news articles about the public engagement on ICBC rate fairness:

Have your say on how ICBC rates are designed

B.C. Newsroom – March 5, 2018

Should bad drivers pay more so good drivers can pay less?
Yahoo News – March 5, 2018

Province proposes major changes to ICBC rate structure
Vancouver Sun – March 5, 2018

ICBC looks at penalizing drivers instead of vehicle owners, among many proposals for change
Global news – March 5, 2018

Insurance premiums could rise as B.C. tries to better define bad driving
The Globe and Mail – March 5, 2018

Public Engagement Session on Design of ICBC Rates Launched by the Government
My Prince George Now – March 6, 2018

ICBC to remodel system to reward low-risk drivers
The Canadian Press – March 6, 2018

B.C. government asking for public feedback on ICBC rates
Richmond News – March 6, 2018