How it currently works

Currently drivers who drive less or take steps to lower their crash-risk are minimally rewarded.

  • There are no explicit discounts for drivers who have vehicles with proven crash-reduction technology such as automatic emergency braking, which can reduce crashes up to 56%.
  • All else being equal, customers who drive limited distances can pay the same amount as high-kilometer drivers.

Proposals to make Basic rates more fair:

  1. Introduce discount for crash-reduction vehicle technology
  • Offer a 10% discount on Basic insurance rates for customers with vehicles that have original manufacturer-installed automatic emergency braking (AEB).
  • External studies show AEB reduces crashes by 38-56%, the technology is embedded in many vehicles and most vehicle manufacturers are committed to making AEB a standard feature in new vehicles.
  • In the future, as other advanced safety technologies are proven to prevent crashes, ICBC could look to include additional safety features in this discount.
  1. Introduce a discount for customers whose vehicles are driven less than 5,000 kilometres in a year
  • Offer a 10% discount for customers whose vehicles are driven less than 5,000 kilometres in the prior year.
  • To be eligible for the discount, customers would need to provide proof of their odometer reading (e.g. picture within previous seven days) to their insurance broker at the beginning and end of their annual policy period. Eligible customers would receive a 10% discount on their Basic insurance in the following year.