Building BC's Recovery, Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged and changed our province. Across B.C., we have been touched by job loss and change, health concerns, worries about how our families and communities can cope, and increasing uncertainty about the future.

We’ve made progress because of our commitment to supporting each other and coming together as a community to respond.

As we start our recovery, the choices we make in the coming weeks and months can help us build an economy — and a province — that works for everyone.

We asked for your input on key questions like:

  • What do we need to do together to strengthen and improve our health care system?
  • What is the top priority for you personally when it comes to improving your quality of life?
  • What would most help improve your work life or work prospects?
  • Are we on the right track? Do you see your concerns and needs reflected in this approach?

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BC's Recovery Plan

Want to know what's next? Learn more about the next steps in our recovery.

What we heard

We asked for your advice on COVID-19 recovery ideas. Get the details on the engagement results.

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