The Residential Tenancy Branch is a neutral body with authority over issues involving the Residential Tenancy Act and the Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Act. The Residential Tenancy Branch provides information about residential tenancy law and dispute resolution.

  • Branch receives approximately 21,000 applications for dispute resolution per year
  • Split between rental housing providers (55%) and renters (45%)
  • Most common reasons for dispute:
    • Notices to end tenancy (Evictions)
    • Unpaid rent
    • Return of Security Deposits
    • Damages and Repairs

Dispute Resolution Hearings are completed by arbitrators, who are independent, quasi-judicial decision-makers with the authority to decide rental housing provider and renter disputes.

The Process

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The website has videos, Quick Tips, Tenancy Guides, Policy Guidelines, Calculators, and Forms.

You can also call and email the Residential Tenancy Branch for more information:


1-800-665-8779 (Toll free)

Vancouver: 604-660-1020

Victoria: 250-387-1602