On February 14, 2019, BC Hydro indefinitely suspended the Standing Offer Program (SOP). Consequently, applications for the program will no longer be accepted by BC Hydro, and electricity purchase agreements for projects under this program will no longer be issued, except in the case of five proposed Indigenous-related projects announced by BC Hydro in March 2018.  SOP application that had been received by BC Hydro before February 14, 2019 will not be advanced or maintained by BC Hydro. Any volumes allocated for SOP allocated proposed projects is recalled, and BC Hydro will no longer maintain the SOP queue.

Clean energy projects with current, signed electricity purchase agreements are unaffected by the indefinite suspension of the program. BC Hydro will continue to honour the terms of these agreements.

The Province understands that a significant number of Indigenous Nations in British Columbia have expressed interest in developing or partnering on clean energy projects under the SOP. The Province is seeking to engage with Indigenous Nations and organizations to explore how the indefinite suspension of the SOP may affect the economic interests of individual Indigenous Nations and to explore alternate opportunities to meet those interests, where they exist.
All Indigenous Nations and organizations who would like to participate are asked to indicate this interest via email to SOPengagement@gov.bc.ca.