The Specialized Homes and Support Services Redesign project proposes a clarified mandate for contracted bed-based resources in the province. In addition to supporting the safety and well-being of vulnerable children and youth in care, contracted placements have an important role in supporting the broader work of the ministry and its partners by providing key prevention and early intervention supports – things like respite and relief care, stabilization supports, connection to culture and community, and specialized care. These services help keep families together, help strengthen placement stability, and provide healing opportunities for children and youth.

This engagement with partners, both inside and outside of government, explores a transition to a future state where services provided in contracted resources are managed and used consistently across the province and provide one or more of the following four services:

  • Respite and Relief Care
  • Emergency Care
  • Low-Barrier Short-Term Stabilization Care
  • Specialized Long-Term Care

When this transformation has been successfully implemented, we will see:

  • Overall improved child and youth wellness through intentional access to therapeutic supports, including traditional models of healing;
  • Improved safety and quality of care through enhanced oversight, clarified service expectations and enhanced accountabilities;
  • An overall reduction in the number of children living away from their family, community and culture; and
  • Improved overall foster and out-of-care placement stability, fewer unplanned moves and improved system capacity.