It is a great pleasure for the Province to share British Columbia’s Together for Wildlife strategy, which sets us on a path to improve wildlife and habitat stewardship in this province.

The diversity of wildlife in British Columbia is one of our province’s greatest treasures. The variety of species, ecosystems, and habitats is greater than in any other province in Canada, and some species are not found anywhere else on earth.

Wildlife is of upmost importance to British Columbians, providing social, economic, environmental and cultural benefits. For many of us, the simple existence of wildlife is a fundamental value. Our rich natural diversity is inextricably linked to our way of life, and we need to ensure that wildlife and their habitats are resilient as we face challenges like climate change.

We built this strategy together with Indigenous peoples, rural communities, academic institutions and a wide range of resource industry, conservation, hunter, trapper, guide, recreation and tourism stakeholder organizations. We asked you to share your concerns and ideas for change. We heard your calls for sufficient funding, effective legislation, clear objectives, and meaningful on-the-ground work. And we heard this urgent work needs to start now.

In the Together for Wildlife strategy, we outline our vision and principles, and commit to 5 goals and 24 actions to achieve this vision. The issues facing wildlife and habitat in this province are complex and can only be resolved through reconciliation with Indigenous peoples and ongoing collaboration with industry, stakeholders, and the public. British Columbians must work together on shared priorities with the right tools and sufficient funding to achieve better outcomes for wildlife.

This strategy will be the foundation of our work now and beyond. This is our path forward, together for wildlife.