The Province is committed to making significant new investments and developing new partnerships to collaboratively deliver stewardship together. We recognize we must build on success while continuing to adapt and improve our approaches. We will make these changes in collaboration with Indigenous governments, local governments and partners supported by engagement with all British Columbians.

We built this draft strategy over 18 months through an unprecedented conversation with British Columbians. We held comprehensive discussions with Indigenous communities, rural communities, academic institutions and a wide range of resource industry, conservation, hunter, trapper, guide, recreation and tourism stakeholder organizations, as well as the public. We asked what actions we should take to improve wildlife stewardship. We believe this strategy reflects the rich dialogue and diversity of ideas we heard.

In the draft strategy, we propose a draft vision and principles to guide the five goals and 23 actions that are the foundation of our pathway forward. We are committed to deliver this strategy together to benefit all British Columbians as we implement our vision.

During the third phase of engagement, we checked in with stakeholders and the general public, and are continuing to engage with First Nations in B.C. to make sure that the right actions are identified in the draft Together for Wildlife strategy. This phase began with workshops with the B.C.-First Nation Wildlife Forum and stakeholders in October 2019, and continued with broader engagement in fall 2019.

For more information please consult the Together for Wildlife Strategy Q&A. 


Feedback was accepted from November 22, 2019 to January 9, 2020 at 4pm.