The second phase of engagement focused on collaborative policy development from December 2018 to October 2019. During this phase, we worked closely with a newly established BC-First Nation Wildlife Forum and stakeholders from a range of sectors to identify priority policy options for the government to consider. This phase of engagement involved monthly meetings with the B.C.-First Nation Wildlife Forum, and a series of webinars and workshops with stakeholders.

The Phase Two Engagement Progress Update summarized what we heard in Phase 1, including existing challenges and opportunities, recommendations for improving wildlife management and habitat conservation, and how people would like to be engaged in the future. This paper also identified the key themes and outlined the collaboration process for Phase 2.

Read the Phase 2 Engagement Progress Update.


First Nations-B.C. Wildlife Forum

In December 2018, the First Nations-B.C. Wildlife Forum was formed in response to the Province’s Improving Wildlife and Habitat Conservation Initiative as an innovative way to obtain perspectives from First Nations across British Columbia on wildlife stewardship issues. The Forum is comprised of participants from 40-plus B.C. First Nations. Their work is not consultation and members do not represent any other First Nation. The Forum helped draft the Together for Wildlife Strategy with the Province.


Stakeholder engagement

In December 2018, we held a webinar with stakeholders to recap what we heard in Phase 1, introduce Phase 2 of the engagement process and outline the priority areas for future discussions. The Policy Primer Booklet provided a summary of “what we heard” in Phase 1 related to each of the eight priority policy areas for wildlife and habitat, and some questions to consider during Phase 2 discussions.  In January 2019, we held a 2-day workshop with stakeholders to begin to develop policy options for the Province to consider and lay the groundwork for future engagement and discussion through webinars. The Stakeholder Meeting Notes summarize the outcomes of this workshop. In spring 2019, we held a series of webinars with stakeholders to focus discussions on the eight priority policy areas previously identified. The stakeholder Policy Recommendations Report summarizes the stakeholder’s policy recommendations to government on how to improve wildlife management and habitat conservation in the province.

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