The engagement process and implementation of actions was supported by a budget of $1 million in fiscal year (FY) 2018/19, $3 million in FY 2019/20, and an ongoing budget commitment of up to $10 million in 2020/21 onward.

Phase 1: Initial Discussions – Spring and Summer 2018 
This phase sought perspectives from Indigenous peoples, rural communities, wildlife and habitat organizations, natural resource development industry stakeholders and the public on the issues and concerns they believe should be considered in any new approaches to wildlife management and habitat conservation. We also sought feedback on the engagement process for subsequent phases. Input was summarized in “what we heard” papers that describe the major themes and issues received through our initial engagement, and was used to refine, clarify and communicate the engagement process.

Phase 2: Analysis and Collaborative Policy Development – Fall 2018 to Spring 2019
Based on the feedback from phase 1, we developed policy options and ideas for consideration in collaboration with Indigenous peoples and a broad range of stakeholders. Stakeholder recommendations from this phase were summarized in a Policy Recommendations report which was submitted to the ministry to consider and incorporate into the draft strategy.

Phase 3: Validation of Policy Options – Spring 2019 to Fall 2019 
The collaborative work from phases 1 and 2 culminated in a draft Together for Wildlife strategy, which outlines 5 priority goals and 23 actions to improve wildlife management and habitat conservation. During the third phase of engagement, we checked in with stakeholders and the general public, and are continuing to engage with First Nations in B.C. to make sure that the right actions are identified in the draft Together for Wildlife strategy. This phase began with workshops with the B.C.-First Nation Wildlife Forum and stakeholders in October 2019, and continued with broader engagement in fall 2019.

Phase 4: Implementation – Summer 2020
A new wildlife management and habitat conservation strategy for B.C., the Together for Wildlife strategy, provides a broad vision for wildlife management and habitat conservation in the Province. Although full implementation will begin after the final strategy is announced, aspects of the strategy have been implemented throughout all phases of this initiative.