The 2015 Canadian Tobacco Alcohol and Drug Survey (CTADS) found that:

  • Over 40% of Canadians have used cannabis in their lifetime
  • Canada-wide, of those who used cannabis in the last year:

72% reported using it within the last 30 days

24% reported using it for medical purposes

  • Median age of first use in Canada: 17

24 % of 15-19 year olds reported past year use

30% of 20-24 year olds reported past year use

  • Canada-wide, over one quarter of past-year cannabis users (28% or 1 million) reported vaping cannabis

As noted in the figures below, both lifetime rates of cannabis use and use within the past year are higher in BC than in the rest of Canada; a higher percentage of British Columbians have used cannabis in the past year than have used tobacco.

Cannabis use within lifetime (CTADS, 2015)

Cannabis use within past year (CTADS, 2015)