Welcome to B.C.’s climate action consultation web site for the development of the Climate Leadership Plan.

The plan will shape the next phase of climate action in B.C. to continue reducing greenhouse gas emissions while supporting strong economy.

The second public engagement period is now complete. Thank you for taking part in this important process.

Thousands of organizations, families and individuals provided input over the 10-week consultation period ending April 8, 2016 through online forms, emails and detailed written submissions. This follows a comprehensive report from the Climate Leadership Team with 32 recommendations for government and an earlier consultation phase and survey regarding British Columbia’s ideas and priorities for climate action.

Government will release the Climate Leadership Plan in Spring 2016.

Building a Low Carbon Future

In 2007, B.C. set greenhouse gas reduction targets based on the findings of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the world’s foremost authority on the subject. Since then, much has been accomplished. We have introduced North America’s first revenue-neutral carbon tax and achieved carbon neutral government every year since 2010. We have started down a path to a low-carbon future.

In 2008, Government launched the Climate Action Plan to take B.C. part way to meeting its reduction targets. The Climate Leadership Plan will build on that work and move the province closer to its long-term goals.

For information on B.C.’s climate indicators and action to date, read Climate 101.