We promised British Columbians and the industry that we would modernize B.C.’s liquor laws, and we’ve followed through on that commitment. Parliamentary Secretary John Yap’s final report on B.C.’s Liquor Policy Review makes 73 common-sense recommendations to change B.C’s liquor laws so that they reflect current lifestyles, encourage the growth of small businesses and our economy, address calls for consumer convenience and continue to safeguard health and public safety.

British Columbians are going to see some significant changes ahead, such as new dining options for B.C. families that include allowing kids into those pubs and legions that choose to be family-friendly. The recommendations also protect health and public safety – for example, by enhancing and expanding B.C.’s Serving it Right program.

We’ll see the introduction of happy hours, the removal of beer garden and festival barriers, and support for local liquor manufacturers by cutting red tape on licensing. The recommendations will grow the wine, craft brewery and craft distillery industries by allowing the sale of products at locations like farmers’ markets and secondary tasting rooms. They will also provide new opportunities for B.C. businesses and the hospitality industry by simplifying and increasing flexibility around licensing.

These recommendations stem from extensive stakeholder consultations and one of the B.C. government’s most successful public engagements and we hope to be able to bring in a number of amendments to legislation in the near future.

We would like to thank everyone for all of the thoughtful, balanced and insightful responses that were submitted during the consultation phase of the Liquor Policy Review. While the comments are now closed, the site will remain live so British Columbians can continue to review the Liquor 101 content, blogs, comments and stakeholder submissions.

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