About the Plan

CleanBC outlines our vision for a more prosperous, balanced, and sustainable future, using clean energy to power the economy while driving down greenhouse gas emissions. Public engagement on the first set of intentions papers informed our new plan.

The actions within the CleanBC plan will get us 75% of the way to our 2030 greenhouse gas reduction targets.

In 2019 we will be engaging with British Columbians on more climate actions to roll out over the next 18-24 months.

These actions will help us achieve the remaining 25% and take further steps to manage climate risks.
These will include initiatives such as:

  • improving community planning, active transportation, and transit
  • cleaner heavy-duty vehicles and freight
  • significantly increasing industrial electrification
  • continuing to invest in technology and innovation
  • maintaining a resilient agricultural sector
  • developing a new strategy for managing climate risk

Why the Plan is Needed

Over the next decade and beyond, we must transition to a low carbon future, changing how we use and produce energy while making things better and more affordable for people

Along with our actions to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, the CleanBC plan provides an effective blueprint to build our economy.

Rising to meet the global challenge of climate change is an opportunity for British Columbia to mobilize our skilled workers and our natural resource and technology sectors to reduce climate pollution and create good jobs and economic opportunities across B.C.

We want to hear from the public and will be seeking input in the next year on initiatives that get us to our climate goals. Together, in collaboration with Indigenous peoples, we will work to build more resilient communities, where everyone benefits from a cleaner future.

Learn more about climate planning and action in B.C.