Climate change is our new reality. Science tells us increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions caused by humans are changing our climate, affecting every aspect of our lives. Science also tells us that we must continue to act to make a difference.

To lessen the severity of climate change, we must reduce our emissions. And by integrating climate change considerations into our everyday lives, we are reducing future costs to society. The provincial indicators below show how this global issue is affecting our own climate here in B.C.

Environmental change in British Columbia


We can continue to transition to communities that use less energy and land and to an economy more reliant on clean energy sources.

In 2007, B.C. legislated aggressive targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Supporting this law was the B.C. Climate Action Plan, which laid out significant climate action in all sectors of the economy. These actions have not only helped B.C. meet its 2012 GHG reduction target, but have created a foundation of low carbon and clean technology expertise that will help B.C. remain competitive in the changing global economy.

Building on this work, the 2016 Climate Leadership Plan guides B.C.’s next set of actions to reduce harmful emissions while maintaining a vibrant economy.

Read more about some of the actions B.C. has taken within the built environment, transportation and industry sectors throughout the province.

Cross-sector Action
Built Environment