January 2016: Government launched the second round of public engagement on the Climate Leadership Plan with the release of the Consultation Guide. At the same time, the Province began sector-specific consultations. (News Release January 24, 2016)

March 2016: With over a thousand submissions received, Government extended the second public consultation until April 8, 2016 (News Release March 25, 2016)

April 2016: The consultation closed April 8, 2016. Over the 10-week consultation period, the government received over 140 written submissions from organizations, 1,631 online feedback forms, 845 personal emails, and over 7,000 template/petition email letters. The organizational submissions are posted under written submissions.

The government also created a Cabinet Working Group on Climate Leadership chaired by Premier Clark to oversee government’s climate action strategy. The group will remain in effect after the plan is completed to ensure the plan remains relevant and effective.

The Climate Leadership Plan was unveiled in August 2016. It reflects recommendations made by the Climate Leadership Team and feedback received through two public engagements from stakeholders and citizens, as well as engagement with sector-specific groups. Learn more and read the plan here www.gov.bc.ca/climateleadership