Bridge Lake Park Management Planning

What was this engagement about?

Citizens were invited to provide initial feedback to inform the draft management planning process for Bridge Lake Park.

Bridge Lake Park, spanning 405 hectares is located about 50 kilometres east of 100 Mile House near the town of Bridge Lake. The area is important for local recreation and resorts, which use the area as a day hiking site. Hiking, wildlife viewing and horseback riding occurs on the old logging and skid roads, which are overgrown and make excellent trails. Canoeing, swimming, boating and fishing are popular along the shoreline, which is quite open and has several small bays and inlets.

The park protects a large area of undeveloped shoreline and all islands in the lake but one. The lake and adjacent stands of Douglas fir and spruce has several bald eagle nests and active beaver colonies, and provides habitat for numerous species of birds, black bear, fox, coyote, mule deer, mink and river otter.

How can my contribution make a difference?

Public feedback was invited to help inform the draft management plan until December 1, 2015. Comments were invited by online comment form, mail and email.

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Details of the Engagement:

Date: Closed on December 1, 2015

Status: Closed with results

Location: Province-wide

Category: Parks & Recreation

Types: Online