LNG Canada Export Terminal Project

What was this engagement about?

The Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) invited feedback on a proposed facility to liquify and export natural gas in Kitimat, BC.

LNG Canada (The Proponent) is proposing to construct and operate a natural gas liquefaction facility and marine terminal for the export of liquefied natural gas. The proposed project is called the LNG Canada Export Terminal Project and will be located in the District of Kitimat, B.C. The proposed Project would initially consist of two LNG processing units, each with the capacity to produce 6.5 million tonnes per year of LNG, with an option to expand to four units at full build out.

The proposed project is subject to review under British Columbia’s Environmental Assessment Act and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act. The Proponent must obtain an environmental assessment certificate before any work can be undertaken on the proposed project. However, prior to submission of an application for a certificate by the Proponent, the Environmental Assessment Office of British Columbia (EAO) must first approve Application Information Requirements which includes consulting with British Columbians.

In addition to this public consultation, in the fall of 2013, the EAO held two open houses and a 30-day comment period on this proposed project. Read the submitted comments here.

How did my contribution make a difference?

The EAO held a 45-day public comment period from November 7 to December 22, 2014 on the proposed LNG Canada Export Terminal Project draft Application Information Requirements document. The intention of seeking public comments was to ensure that all potential effects – environmental, economic, social, heritage and health – that might result from the proposed Project were identified for consideration as part of the assessment process.

Comments were accepted by online form, mail and fax. Citizens were also invited to attend two open houses.

Details of the Engagement:

Date: November 7 to December 22, 2013

Status: Closed

Location: North Coast

Category: Natural Resources

Types: In-person, Online, Mail, Fax

See the status of this project and comments from the public