Anahim Connector – Results

Engagement Summary

The public was invited to comment on a proposal to build a connector road between the communities of Vanderhoof and Anahim Lake.
The proposed road would allow traffic to travel more directly from Anahim Lake to Highway 16, providing a secondary fire-exit route for First Nations communities and rural residents.
The road would begin about 55 kilometres north of Anahim Lake at the end of the Dean River Road, pass near Eliguk Lake, and connect to the end of the Kluskus Forest Service Road. It would be built to current standards for forest service roads. View a map of the proposed area.

Engagement Timeframe

October 3 to October 31, 2018

Input Received
  • 112 respondents from the public feedback period
  • 8 meetings with direct stakeholders and local governments
  • Ongoing First Nations engagement and consultation

The themes indicating support for the project included:

  • the need for an emergency fire egress route (50 comments)
  • increased community wellbeing and liveability in the nearby rural communities (34 comments)
  • increased opportunity for local commerce and economy (25 comments)
  • tourism opportunity (16 comments)

The themes indicating concern about the project included:

  • impacts to various environmental values (27 comments)
  • impacts to caribou (17 comments)
  • impacts to heritage values (14 comments)
  • public safety concerns (13 comments)
  • impacts to remote values and businesses (13 comments)


Input leads to action:

The ministry is consulting with First Nations, stakeholders and the public, as well as undertaking environmental, heritage and recreation reviews before making a decision on whether to proceed with construction.