Balfour Ferry Terminal Project – Results

Engagement Summary

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure was looking to address challenges at the Balfour inland ferry terminal to enhance access and improve safety and service for ferry users. The ministry was looking at options that include improving the existing ferry terminal or relocating the ferry terminal to a new site. Challenges and benefits were identified for each option, and the ministry wanted to hear the views of residents and business owners in Balfour and the surrounding area.
Citizens were invited to visit the project website to read the discussion guide and learn more about the process. Submissions could be made by mail and email. In addition, a drop-in information session was held on June 15, 2016 in Nelson, B.C. to provide more detail to the public.

Engagement Timeframe: 

May 24 to October 6, 2016

Input received:

There were a total of 3,011 participant interactions during the public consultation:

  • 300+ people attended the June 15 Open House
  • 35 people attended four stakeholder engagement meetings
  • 1766 questionnaires were submitted
  • 237 unique emails and mail responses submitted
  • 673 postcards submitted


Input leads to action:

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and the federal government are moving ahead with the purchase of a new, larger, electric-ready vessel for Kootenay Lake and making significant upgrades to two ferry terminals to improve capacity and provide a safer crossing.

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