BC Parks Management Planning – Results

Engagement Summary

BC Parks is responsible for the designation, management and conservation of a system of ecological reserves, provincial parks, conservancies, protected areas and recreation areas located throughout the province. British Columbia’s parks and protected areas system contains nationally and internationally significant natural and cultural features and outdoor experiences.
In order to direct the types, locations, and threshold of uses and activities that are deemed appropriate within different parts of a protected area, including appropriate levels of visitor use and facility development, BC Parks in collaboration with First Nations, local governments, the public and other interest groups, creates management plans; these plans outline the vision and direction for a protected area, including:

  • Where the protected area is and what is its role in the BC Parks system;
  • Describes the key natural, cultural and recreational features and values of the protected area;
  • Identifies future appropriate management activities;
  • Determines the appropriate levels of use and development;
  • Establishes the long-term vision and management objectives to be met; and
  • Responds to current and future threats to the area.

As part of BC Parks’ policy, the public is provided the opportunity to review and provide comment on draft management plans. Depending on the project, there may be single or multiple opportunities for public feedback and review.
The level of public engagement and the type of consultation required varies according to the specific circumstances of the protected area in question. However, all management planning processes will provide open and transparent access to background information, draft management planning documents, and the rationale behind management planning decisions.
At a minimum, public engagement includes:

  • A public web-based announcement that the project is being initiated;
  • A 30-day web-based public review period for the draft management plan; and
  • A public web-based announcement that the project is approved and complete.

Other public engagement opportunities, such as public forums or meetings, may be provided during the management planning processes.
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Input Received:

Following the draft management plan public review period, all public submissions received are reviewed. Public input received may or may not ultimately be incorporated into the management plan. Management planning project teams use their expertise and discretion in determining if and how to respond to public input. For completely new issues not previously addressed in the plan or major shifts in management direction, further engagement with staff experts, other agencies, interest groups, First Nations and others is usually required. Public or stakeholder opposition to management direction related to a particular use/activity may or may not result in revisions to the draft management plan – management planning project teams must consider and balance a wide range of issues.

Input leads to action:

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