Environmental Assessment Office – Results

Engagement Summary

The purpose of the engagement was to host a discussion with citizens and stakeholders about improving public consultation in the BC environmental assessment process.
Public consultation is an important and necessary aspect of environmental assessments in British Columbia, based on the principle that those affected by proposed projects should have an opportunity to provide input to the assessment.


April 14 to May 26, 2015

Input Received:
  • 2,259 website visits
  • 105 online comments
  • 18 email submissions


Input leads to action:

The EAO will use feedback from this engagement to inform the development of guidelines on public consultation in the environmental assessment process, for proponents and the EAO staff. The issues raised in the comments will help update the information for the public about participating in environmental assessments.
Read the Phase One Report: The Role of Public Consultation in Environmental Assessments.