Highway 16 – Tyhee Passing Lane Project – Results

Engagement Summary

The public was invited to attend a drop-in information session on Wednesday September 30, 2015 about a proposed passing lane on Highway 16 east of Telkwa, British Columbia.
The eastbound passing lane would begin just east of Woodmere Road and extend for two kilometers. The project will also include improvements to the Bulkley View rest area.
Comments and questions were also accepted by directly emailing the project manager.


September 30, 2015

Input Received: 

The open house was attended by 15-20 people.

Input leads to action:

One resident voiced concern about the rest area, which is in close proximity to his residence, and wanted to see improvements that would deter people from using the rest area as a location to party, and that would deter the overnight use of the rest area.

As a result of his concerns, the Ministry is planning on putting lighting at the rest area and is also planning on moving the picnic benches from the lower level, where people could sit out of site from the road, to either an upper level or eliminating the benches altogether.  The Ministry is also anticipating installing signage to deter heavy trucks from idling their vehicles in the rest area.

Another resident voiced concern about the right turn onto Lloyd Road (a road just beyond the rest area and the
project limits). 

The project team was able to include a 3.5 m widened shoulder in the design for this intersection to improve the right turning movement.  The passing lane will still taper and come to an end before the intersection, but the intersection will have a widened shoulder.

Owners of a greenhouse voiced concerns about vehicle headlights affecting their seedlings.

Instead of the traditional road barrier, the project will use median barriers in this location which are 20cm taller than road barriers.  This will help bring the light angle up higher and will hopefully reduce the impact of headlights to the seedlings.