Hwy 1 at Balmoral Road Intersection Improvements – Results

Engagement Summary

The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure invited the public to offer feedback on potential improvements for the intersection of Highway 1 and Balmoral Road, 10 kilometres east of Sorrento.

We were seeking input on options to improve safety at this intersection which had experienced a higher than average rate of collisions.


Engagement Timeframe

June 26 to July 10, 2019

Input Received
  • 182 people attended the open house in Blind Bay
  • 116 online forms were returned
  • There was strong demand for acceleration lanes to be included in the project design.


Input leads to action:

Input from the public engagement helped the ministry in selecting a design to improve safety at the Highway 1 – Balmoral Road intersection. The new intersection reconfiguration was completed in fall 2019 and has right-turn-in, right turn-out and left-turn-in movements from Highway 1 on Balmoral Road, with a protected left-turn lane. Based on feedback from the public engagement, the ministry has incorporated acceleration lanes into the design.