Proposed Natural Resources Road Act – Results

Engagement Summary

Resource roads are a highly valued part of B.C.’s transportation network. They are essential to British Columbia’s economic development, provide access to back-country recreation and help connect communities across the province.
B.C.’s vast network of resource roads are currently governed by 11 acts and regulations, and shared by a diverse set of interests, including forest sector, oil and gas, and mining, tourism operators, recreation groups and rural communities. One of the primary goals of the proposed Natural Resources Road Act (NRRA) is to consolidate the current regulatory framework into a single act that will benefit all users and provide a modern approach to the management and administration of resource roads in British Columbia.
The proposed NRRA would streamline administration, improve safety, reduce environmental impacts, improve compliance and enforcement, set clear rules, and establish consistent standards for building, maintaining and using resource roads.
The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations posted a discussion paper inviting public comment on seven framework principles and 26 framework policies identified for possible inclusion in new legislation.

Engagement Timeframe:

October 15 to December 15, 2011 (with submissions accepted until December 31, 2011)

Input Received:

The call for feedback generated more than 4,000 individual responses.

Input leads to action:

In February 2012, a Summary of Public and Stakeholder Feedback was released. Following its release, a series of 14 working groups, with members from across the province, used this feedback to shape draft legislation for government’s consideration.
The NRRA project team is currently working with affected parties to overcome challenges and support drafting of the bill and regulations to ensure that any unintended consequences are identified and avoided.
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